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New Records at DLGL
Many records at DLGL and for its flagship HCM VIP suite in the fiscal year ending in February.
Saas (Software-as-a-service) delivery mode saw a record increase of 18% in revenues.

And even more importantly, there is a forecasted increase of 38%, 95% of which is based on existing contractual load, for Saas in the current fiscal year. Needless to say, another record.

In the Classic delivery mode, some clients will exceed 30 years on VIP this year. All new records.

In a tribute to the PFFE (Perfect-Fit-For-Each) delivery strategy and the never-leave-a-client behind perpetual support for all clients, the Classic delivery mode clients are running the same VIP up-to-date software used to win the record new business.

This is beyond record-land in to unheard-of land.

The combination of Saas and Classic installed bases will grow by 20.4% overall, another record for DLGL.

Throughout the storm of the OSFA (One-size-fits-all) competition loosing money by the billions, Covid, the ensuing working culture revolution, and the new Saas delivery modes, DLGL has maintained at all times its profitability at the same levels. And this is now set to increase to record-levels in the current year.

This is all possible thanks to an extremely competent group of employees averaging over 16 years of experience, embracing a Culture of dedication to being the very best for each client, one at-a-time.

A culture making DLGL the Best Employer for decades.

Sincere thanks from all of us to all of you, the clients who continue to believe in DLGL and what it stands for. Our high-spending competitors describe us as “impossible”… we take that as a compliment.

Check it out for yourself www.dlgl.com.

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