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OMAFRA: Are there risks to planting corn after cereal rye?

There has been interest in rye as a cover crop or to maximize yields in silage systems, which leaves time to plant a corn silage crop. Rye gets a bad rap when followed by corn – why is this, and how can we reduce risks?

Canadian Agricultural Youth Council holds inaugural meeting

On Sept. 3, the first meeting of the new Canadian Agricultural Youth Council was held. The 25 members met with Agriculture Minister Bibeau to share their perspectives on the future of the sector.

Determining late corn growth staging

Knowing the growth stages of corn throughout the season is important, but early leaf senescence can make this difficult. A recent OMAFRA article discusses how to accurately stage later vegetative growth in corn.
Inputs: The Podcast 

Making the most of harvest data

Yield maps, moisture maps, combine speed – collecting this harvest data can be helpful, but how do we put it into play? In this episode, Lydia Parker, field product specialist with Climate FieldView, shares tips on preparing for harvest and how to use harvest data to your advantage throughout the entire growing season, from pre-seeding to post-harvest. Never miss an episode by subscribing to Inputs on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. >> Learn More
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Fine-tuning nitrogen best management practices

The idea with enhanced efficiency nitrogen fertilizers (EENFs) is to get more nitrogen to the crop when the crop needs it while reducing nitrogen losses. To maintain access to markets concerned about carbon footprints, Prairie crop production systems will need to lower their nitrous oxide losses. The University of Saskatchewan’s Richard Farrell is evaluating the effects of EENFs on nitrous oxide emissions. » Learn more

Digging deep into soil fertility and crop nutrition

“Essentially, all life depends upon the soil. There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together.” Dr. Charles E. Kellogg said this over 80 years ago and, while agricultural practices and technologies have changed significantly since then, his sentiment remains true: it all comes back to the soil. » Learn more
Western Canada 

Manitoba provides grain drying installation guides

The Government of Manitoba has created information sheets for grain dryer installations and inspections. » Read more

Alberta’s FarmCash now accepting applications

FarmCash is accepting applications for the post-harvest fall advance. Alberta crop producers can apply through a simple online application. » Read more

USask GIFS partners on supercluster project

The $26.2-million project on using artificial intelligence to target weeds and other pest crops will be led in part by the Global Institute for Food Security. » Read more