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Test for SCN to beat the pest

For many growers, managing soybean cyst nematode (SCN) means planting resistant varieties. But effective SCN management does not end when you have selected your soybean varieties.

Making surface application of fertilizers work

For some farmers, surface application of fertilizer is driven by the need for operational efficiency. However, this risks potentially reduced fertilizer use efficiency when placed in a less-than-ideal location.

Protein Industries Canada invests in farm data platform

Protein Industries Canada (PIC) has invested in a new platform, intended to increase the efficiency of farmer decision-making and expand Canada’s plant protein market opportunities.
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In search of a better soil N test

Richard Farrell and Fran Walley, two University of Saskatchewan professors, are leading a project to develop a soil nitrogen (N) test to better measure how much N the soil could supply over the growing season. This information will allow more accurate estimates of the crop’s fertilizer requirements, helping growers reduce fertilizer inputs and minimize N losses to the environment. » Learn more

Farm-saved seed/Certified seed matchup

Can farm-saved seed perform as well as the same variety of Certified seed? A three-year study aims to answer this question for popular wheat varieties grown under Saskatchewan conditions. The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission and the Saskatchewan Agri-ARM network began a study in 2019 to better understand how farm-saved and Certified seed perform to help farmers make seed decisions. » Learn more