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Frost on the Prairies cause for concern

While conditions for the last week of August were warm and dry, helping crops progress and allowing farmers to get into fields, the widespread frost of the past several days brings a more sombre mood.

CAYC holds inaugural meeting

On Sept. 3, the first meeting of the new Canadian Agricultural Youth Council was held. The 25 members met with Agriculture Minister Bibeau to share their perspectives on the future of the sector.

Bayer launches new sclerotinia fungicide for canola

Proline GOLD, a new fungicide for canola launched last week, provides protection against high sclerotinia pressure using a multi-mode of action approach with systemic and contact protection.
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Mosaic MicroEssentials

Fall Fertilizer with Season-Long Availability

Will your fall fertilizer prepare you for a successful 2021 growing season? MicroEssentials® is designed with three fundamental innovations that provide uniform nutrient distribution, increased uptake, and season-long sulfur availability through advanced crop nutrition techniques and technologies. Packed into one nutritionally balanced granule, MicroEssentials features phosphorus, zinc and two forms of sulfur across the field so that every plant gets the balanced nutrition it needs to reach its full potential. Calculate the yield advantage and ROI of MicroEssentials for your crops with our value calculator. >> Learn more
Featured News 

Variable nitrogen fertility management of canola at the field scale

Nitrogen fertilizer is a costly input for crop production, and canola is a heavy nutrient user, so nutrient management is especially important for canola growers. Precision farming presents a possible solution by getting nutrients where they’re needed and avoiding waste, but how much more efficient is variable rate management? Alan Moulin with AAFC in Brandon, Man., ran a four-year study to test exactly that. » Learn more

Digging deep into soil fertility and crop nutrition

“Essentially, all life depends upon the soil. There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together.” Dr. Charles E. Kellogg said this over 80 years ago and, while agricultural practices and technologies have changed significantly since then, his sentiment remains true: it all comes back to the soil. » Learn more

OMAFRA: Are there risks to planting corn after cereal rye?

Rye gets a bad rap when followed by corn – why is this, and how can we reduce risks? » Read more

Bio-strip tillage: a new variant?

As described by Ian McDonald of OMAFRA, this method involves direct-planting two different cover crop mixes in bands. » Read more

Determining late corn growth staging

A recent OMAFRA article discusses how to accurately stage later vegetative growth in corn. » Read more