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Potato Summit

Farmers asked to provide input on Responsible Grain code

The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Crops is in the process of developing a national Code of Practice to address environmental sustainability in Canadian grain farming.

Bibeau launches review of Canada Grain Act

The consultation will allow the federal government to hear perspectives from the grain sector on how to reform the Act. The consultation portion of the review will be held online until April 30.

New seed treatment for pulses registered in Canada

UPL AgroSolutions Canada Inc. has received registration from the Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) for the use of Rancona Trio Seed Treatment on pulses.
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Bayer Raxil PRO

As a grower you face many challenges throughout the season. Protecting your seed’s potential from the start means your crops can emerge healthier and stronger. That’s why more growers trust Raxil® PRO, the #1 selling cereal seed treatment brand ten years running1. When your seeds emerge stronger, so do you.

Raxil PRO:
  Goes beyond protecting against true loose smut and Fusarium graminearum by protecting against all of the most serious early-season diseases in wheat, barley, oats, and is now registered for use on rye and triticale.
  Three active ingredients work together to deliver systemic and contact protection so your seed can germinate healthy and emerge stronger.
  Easy to use with one simple rate regardless of disease pressure in a formulation ideal for both on-farm and commercial application, over a wide range of temperatures and conditions.
  Raxil PRO SHIELD has all the benefits of Raxil PRO with the added advantage of Stress Shield® insecticide for effective wireworm control and other plant health benefits.
1 2020 BPI Report – Cereal Seed Treatments

» Emerge Stronger
Featured News 

In pursuit of hirsute canola

Hairy canola, a tool for managing one of the worst insect pests of canola, could finally be coming into its own. AAFC’s research shows these non-genetically modified lines deter flea beetle feeding. Hairy canola could become a valuable addition to pest management toolboxes, especially if insecticide options become more limited due to regulatory changes or insecticide-resistant pests. » Learn more
Rise of machines

Farming with big data

“Easy-button” farming with big data may seem like science fiction, but it’s not far away. Many farms and ranches already use technology that creates an abundance of digital data on multiple platforms. However, a lack of program-to-program and inter-company compatibility make it complicated to combine this data in a usable way. » Learn more
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What Nutrients Were Removed at Harvest?

Each harvest comes with a degree of soil nutrient removal depending on your crop and yield. Set your crops up for success in the 2021 growing season with MicroEssentials® fertilizer from The Mosaic Company. MicroEssentials provides uniform nutrient distribution, increased uptake, and season-long sulfur availability through advanced Crop Nutrition techniques and technologies. Packed into one nutritionally balanced granule, MicroEssentials features phosphorus, zinc and two forms of sulfur across the field so every plant gets the balanced nutrition it needs to reach its full potential. Calculate your nutrient removal rates now and learn how MicroEssentials can help replenish those nutrients year-over-year. Learn more
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Top Crop Summit speaker spotlight: Don Flaten

Dr. Don Flaten recently retired from the University of Manitoba, where he was a professor in soil fertility, crop nutrition and nutrient management. In his keynote address for the Top Crop Summit, Don will share highlights of the principles of soil fertility he has learned and re-learned over the 45 years since he took his first soil fertility course. » REGISTER TODAY
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